Thursday, September 23, 2010

The West Virginia Prefab Cottage House Kit foundation is completed!

The West Virginia Prefab Cottage House Kit foundation is completed!

After considerable delay because of rain and scheduling problems with our block crew we finally got our foundation completed yesterday. They had a crew of 9, but that shrunk to 8 when one was whooped by the heat. It was 93 degrees on 9/22, the first (partial) day of fall!

They laid up 988 block in about 5 1/2 hours. Very efficient operation.
Amazing when you're paying for something by the piece rather than the hour how quickly things get done.

We'll have the termite treatment done today or tomorrow. The sub-floor package is supposed to arrive today or tomorrow and we'll be installing that next week, weather permitting. Then comes the part I've really been looking forward to, putting the SIP's up. So far everything we've done has been familiar territory for our gang.

SIP's will be something new for all of us. Gotta rent an extendable boom fork lift at $530 a day. Hope we get the hang of it quickly, for obvious reasons. Fortunately Richard from the SIPs plant affiliated with Green Cottage Kits has promised to come down to coach us through the process. Should be a great help considering his experience.

Time to get windows and doors ordered also. You gotta be careful here because you can pay a heck of a lot of money for these items. The trick is to strike a balance between quality and cost, with energy conservation being one of your main considerations.

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